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The Production BMW Championship (PBMWC) is a one-make race series, using two variants of the e30 BWM 3 series from the 1980s/90s.

With the ethos of PBMWC being designed to provide competitors with a close and friendly race Championship, whilst offering significant value for money. It can also be considered as one of the most viable introductions into motorsport, with car preparation and cost being kept to a minimum. 


Full grids and impressive driving has resulted in Championship status being awarded at the end of the 2005 season. 2006 is already lining up to be an exciting season with our original title sponsor, Easytrack back on board. The PBMWC has seen an influx of new drivers preparing cars for the coming season alongside the seasoned regulars. This should ensure that the new season continues from where the 2005 season left off, offering drivers and spectators alike enthralling races throughout the unyielding field.

Interest in the Championship has continued to flourish. This is evident by the quantity of registrations received within the first couple of weeks of applications being excepted. No less than 37 applications were received in January, with the number increasing on a weekly basis. Again, this should lead to some tight and entreating races this season. 

For 2006 we have linked up with the Classic Touring Car Racing Club (CTCRC) and will be visiting circuits all over the UK as well as a quick trip to France. Because of the production run of the BMW e30 (early 1980’s to early 1990’s) it is felt with the partnership with the CTCRC was particular appropriate, as generally the car is now being considered as a classic car. The new pre 93 class within the CTCRC allows drivers in the PBMWC championship to compete at the same events against other makes of car built up until 1993.


The concept of the PBMWC was drawn up by a group of Lotus Enthusiasts who enjoyed the circuit time offered at track days. They wanted a low cost viable alternative to racing their Lotus cars, whilst still maintaining the fun and excitement. A car was required that would be popular, cheap to purchase, robust, easy to maintain and most importantly be rear wheel drive. The BMW e30 3 series was seen as the obvious choice. To keep the field as competitive as possible, it was decided to limit the drivers to the 318i(1.8 litre 4 cylinder) and 320i (2.0 litre 6 cylinder) variants.

2004 saw the first cars roll onto the track with sufficient numbers to warrant their own grid at the SEMSEC events held predominantly at Lydden Hill. In these early days, Easytrack were the title sponsor. As the season progressed, interest increased with more cars being prepared. The first touring joined the group alongside the more popular 2 and 4 door cars. What started off as a bit of fun between friends was rapidly gathering interest from other parties. 

2005 marked a turning point for the PBMWC, joining forces with BARC increased their profile still further. With a different circuit for each race, driver skill was being pushed harder. Racing alongside other well-known championships led to further visibility and publicity.